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"Paula’s knowledge of colleges and the application process, as well as her enthusiasm made touring and applying for colleges a pleasant and stress-free process. My oldest son worked with her and I was amazed at how smoothly the application process went for him since writing essays is not something he enjoys doing in his free time. She coordinated all of his college visits and we had a fun and relaxing time on our tours. He is really happy with the college he is attending.

My youngest son is a Senior in High School and has been working with Paula since last year. He spent time with her during the summer working on his essays and deciding on colleges to visit this fall, again, without any complaining and stress.

I wanted both my sons to choose a college on their own and Paula has made this possible for my oldest and is now working her magic with my youngest. This is the best money spent as part of the investment in my boy’s education."
Sharlene M. -- parent

“It was a pleasure working with Paula Koontz on our daughter’s college applications – we could not have made it through without her! Paula’s extensive knowledge of US colleges and her many years of experience working with teenagers on the application process gave our daughter an extra boost of confidence to really dig in for herself on the application effort. Paula focused on our daughter specifically and thoughtfully; together, and in consultation with us, they put together a customized approach that was very effective: eight acceptances and several scholarships! Paula was flexible, encouraging and task-oriented. Her consistent and positive approach worked well for our daughter and we highly recommend Paula to anyone considering hiring a college application counselor for their child. It was a great financial investment for our family as well, with Paula’s reasonable fees offset by the scholarship aid our daughter obtained. Thanks in part to Paula, we have a fabulous photo we took the day our girl got Her Letter from the college of her dreams. Thank you, Paula!”
Jackie & Bob -- parents

"John and I have been enjoying the peace of our home now that both Danny and Christie are away at college. It's been two months now and both of them are content with their schools and their lives. I am happy to report that they are thriving. The fact that both of our children are attending great schools is due entirely to you- your professional advice, your influence on our children, and your steadfast commitment to them. You not only helped them find the right college, but oversaw that they completed all the paperwork, took all the tests, applied for the scholarships, and reminded their parents (again and again) to complete their paperwork! The only credit we can give ourselves is that a) we had the good sense to hire you- early- and b) we were smart enough to listen to your advice." Viveca -- parent

"Paula is the best college advisor I could ask for. I started seeing her the winter of Junior year, a time when I was really starting to stress about college. Over the past eight months, I have gotten so much work done, and Paula has helped me a lot along the way. I really enjoyed going to see Paula because I could sit and focus on the work I had to get done-there were no distractions that I would usually encounter at home. Because of all the hard work I've done, I was able to turn in the bulk of the Common Application in September! I know that working with Paula has brought my stress level way down, and my quality of work way up. " Lizzy--student

"I cannot imagine what my college search would have been like without Paula Koontz. Before I met with her I had no idea of where I might want to go to college, much less what I needed to do to be accepted. She helped me narrow down the choices while preparing essays and applications. My parents were especially fond of her because she would always make sure to call and remind me of an essay or upcoming due date. My mom loved that Paula did all the nagging about finishing my college stuff so my parents didn't have to play the bad guys. With Paula's help I was accepted with scholarships to all nine colleges I applied to, and was therefore able to attend my top choice. I highly recommend Paula for helping students and their families during this stressful time of transition. " Lisa--student

"Nowadays, college applications are a complicated and confusing process; when you think you are done -at last!- there is a new mountain of paperwork yet to complete. I was not late for the many deadlines that college applications and scholarships imposed due to the gentle yet insistent tutelage of Paula. Though I lived far away, her phone calls saved my parents and me from adding the stress and difficulty of keeping track of application-related deadlines, fine print, and paperwork to those of our everyday lives. Paula helped me select colleges to apply to from the thousands that overwhelmed me, provided me with starting ideas for essays and helped me edit them, informed me which tests to take and which to ignore, how to find and apply for scholarships -a number of which I won- and ultimately I got into my first choice college. Without her, I would not have had the luxury of time free from college worries, thereby leaving me the opportunity to enjoy my senior year. " Sarah--student

"Thank you for everything you've done for me; helping me find the college that was the missing piece of my life puzzle, pushing me to do things even if I didn't want to do them, and making me all those cups of hot chocolate as I worked on my applications. You helped me through the toughest time during a senior girl's life, and I truly want to thank you for that." Ali--student

"I was a freshman working as Paula's assistant at Ingraham High School in the Career Center where she provided guidance to students in many different ways. After graduating from North Seattle Community College, Paula and I crossed paths again at an event where we discussed my plans to transfer to a university. I met with Paula several times, reviewing every aspect of the college application process, including university choices, applications, personal statements, financial aid applications, and my housing assignment. She was very organized, thorough, and caring all which eased the stress the process. Currently, I am in my senior year at Gonzaga University studying for a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering. I feel very fortunate to have had Paula as a college advisor." Juan --student

"There are no words to express how thankful I am for you! You have helped me make one of the most important decisions of my life. I am so excited! Thank you for everything!!! You have been a blessing." Amber --student

"I have worked closely with Paula Koontz for several years as she supported and guided high school students to successful college acceptance and scholarship awards. She is a knowledgeable and highly capable professional, dedicated to helping students succeed and achieve their academic goals. Paula provides motivation, detailed information, and individualized guidance for both students and parents with an organized, approach to the entire process of college selection and application." Kathy--teacher

"You encouraged my son to consider schools that I had tried and tried to get him to think about. You helped him come to this decision in a way where he could find a good fit. I was thrilled and surprised when he announced that you two had arranged overnight visits and interviews with the admission officers at several different schools. . As a result of your meetings, his first choice is a wonderful, small, top school where I know he will thrive!" Lisa--parent

"Our family has enjoyed working with Paula Koontz for a year and a half. During that time, she has helped us review college choices, schedule college visits, arrange for testing, write essays, review scholarship opportunities and fill out the final college applications. Paula has provided invaluable information, encouragement and support. She is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and has kept us on track. I have loved working with Paula."  Cathy--parent

Where do I begin...You are responsible for Philips Exeter Summer Program, Washington Business Week, my job, Pepperdine, and so much more. You never gave up on me, always pushed me to do what I secretly thought was impossible, and nothing but great things have been the results. I wish you the best of luck and keep educating young adults on the importance of education and college. I'll miss you a whole lot and I love and appreciate all that you've done for me." Jennifer--student

"Paula is passionate about what she does-helping kids and their parents with the challenges of the college-bound journey. She has been a fantastic resourceful advocate for our student. Her knowledge and timely information have been a gift. She's a joy." Sherri--parent


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